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Now you know! We are all a brand… You are a brand! A brand waiting to be promoted and marketed to third parties in order to achieve challenges, objectives, and the greatest possible success.
You already have a point in your favor that others do not have: you know that you are a brand and you know the importance of creating it and making it grow. With this simple fact, you already have a key and differentiating element to develop a strategy capable of putting you ahead of the competition.

Bad news! You are not the only one who knows this reality, millions of people around the world try to develop their personal brand in the best possible way … but not only the intention counts. It is necessary to implement a personal branding strategy and follow certain steps that help build a solid and successful brand.

In this article we want to help you and facilitate the correct construction of your personal brand with some basic tips capable of optimally developing and enhancing your personal brand .

You are ready? Take note! Start polishing the details that will make you different from the rest.

1. Be visible and accessible

One of the first tips to develop your personal brand is related to the ability to be active. With this, we are saying that you have to be visible and accessible.

The growth of a personal brand is closely linked to its ability to be visible and interact with others. A static profile is doomed to die and what is worse to add negative consequences for personal identity.

One of the common characteristics of successful brands is determined by the active profile of the person represented. The professional or company moves actively in all possible scenarios.

In a real close-up, attending meetings, conferences, establishing contacts, and creating new opportunities. On the other hand, in the virtual world, we find a context that multiplies the options to become visible and accessible: social networks, videos, forums, etc …

It is useless to have excellent qualities in the personal brand if it is not promoted and made known or seen to be recognized.

2. Look for inspiration in an icon

To progress in any facet it is necessary to learn from the best, from those who have had and are having some success in what they do.

It is not about copying and / or “shooting” their methods and actions, but being aware of the key points that have made them stand out from the rest.

→ Do you know any personal branding success stories?

Those personal brands that stand out from the rest and achieve goals and success are carriers of a certain amount of credibility and inspiration. We can take note of these last qualities to improve our own personal brand.

There are many personalities and professionals from different sectors who have managed to take their personal brand to levels of success that are difficult to overcome, in addition to achieving a clear differentiation between their own personal brand and that of the business or company.

A good example is that of Richard Branson (owner and founder of the Virgin Group). Active and versatile person in addition to his companies, he makes it very clear who he is as a person: writer, adventurer, creator … His social networks are a source of inspiration for millions of people. His public appearances in all kinds of events and entrepreneurial ideas are dozens, creating a network of contacts and synergies over the years that has made him grow and expand his interests.

Personal and corporate branding go hand in hand but at the same time separately: the world knows Richard Branson personally and at the same time his companies.

This figure of success represents in a capital way what a personal brand is and what it helps to achieve all kinds of objectives.

3. Create synergies with other professionals

Synergy? What’s that? In today’s globalized world, growing professionally individually can be a very stony path. The more contact and learning, experiences or collaborations you get from other professionals, the more it will make you grow and be a better professional.

At the personal brand level, the concept of synergy refers to the fact of working together with other people, developing actions linked to third parties to achieve the best results and taking advantage of the learning and experience obtained.

Collaborating with other people will enhance the visibility and accessibility discussed above, in addition to multiplying personal and business opportunities.

For this purpose, social networks are once again a key factor to enhance the personal brand. Platforms like LinkedIn are an effective tool to create synergies and open the range of contacts. Without forgetting the possibilities offered by training courses, talks or events.

4. Pay attention to the picture

You can agree more or not, but the saying “an image is worth more than 1000 words” is a reality if we want to enhance our personal brand plan.

There is no successful personal brand that is not associated with an image and this image must respond to the qualities and characteristics that characterize said personal brand.

In other words, personal image and brand must be linked: one must speak of the other and vice versa.

Photos are the basic instrument to show your image to others. This must be taken care of in detail and be as professional as possible. No home editions, dark, blurry and, in general, quality photos and suitable for what you want to represent.

It is not only about photos of a professional nature, let’s remember that social networks also show a more personal side. All this context must be well managed, the image has an important weight and must run in parallel with the rest of the qualities of the personal brand.

5. Build a community around your brand

When we develop a personal brand we promote it on different platforms in order to reach the widest possible audience. Both in blogs, social networks, etc … the message has to penetrate people so that they can comment, generate interaction … and talk about us.

Creating a community around the brand is essential as it produces so-called valuable feedback . Good feedback is capable of attracting more people and with it more opportunities.

Unfortunately, a community does not grow alone around your brand, you and only you will be responsible for creating and growing this community related to your personal brand. To do this, we return to the first tip on this list, which confirms the importance of being visible and accessible.

How do you build a community?

  • Creating a centralized site such as a blog or personal page capable of generating quality content that encourages collaboration.
  • Activity and interaction in social networks . Once again, social media is the answer for personal branding. The profile must be active and interactive, always in favor of the demand of the target audience.
  • Visit and be part of other sites related to your interests and professional sector . It is important to provide interesting, useful and different information that channels users towards your brand.

Nothing more and nothing less than action and synergy. Neglecting these types of actions can be one of the great reasons why a personal brand does not quite move forward.

6. Find your niche

Working and developing a professional brand focused on the wrong business niche is a real waste of time.

The personal brand must support a personal and professional identity capable of differentiating itself from the competition.

The search for a niche requires a complete act of reflection and self-study. Some tips to be as accurate as possible in this search are the following:

  • Identify the talents and abilities you are truly good at. It is about recognizing in which activities you have a better aptitude and being able to differentiate between those activities in which you are good and those in which you would like to be good.
  • From the previous answer, which one do you prefer or enjoy the most? From the set of skills taken from the first point, it is time to try to cut the options until you find the most appropriate one.
  • Last of this main skill or abilities, who is it aimed at? Sector, target audience, third party needs …

All these points directly influence the lesson of a base niche to build a solid and consistent personal brand.

7. A good design is essential

At this point, you will already know that a personal brand is founded on a coherent and homogeneous message in all its facets. From the niche to the promotion, message, and image platforms … and all this under an appropriate design that enhances the development of the brand.

Design is an image and as such must be done in a professional, logical, and rational way. Any misstep in this regard can lead the audience off your brand.

In this sense, minimalist and not overloaded sites are recommended. The design must be homogeneous for all your dissemination platforms: web, blog, social networks …

Typeface, colors, logos are some elements that will be an important part of the professional design of your personal brand.

Some interesting facts about color and its meaning:

  • White : Transparency and honesty.
  • Red : Energy and strength.
  • Blue : Calm, confidence and serenity.
  • Green : Balance and tranquility.

8. Differentiate yourself from your competitors

You are not alone! This is so, both in your niche or sector, there are hundreds or thousands of people who offer your services, qualities or develop their personal brand similar to yours. There is no other choice than to know how to differentiate yourself from the rest to rise above them.

How do you do this? There is no direct formula to know how to find the difference over the rest. What is clear is that the answer will come from the knowledge and study of the competition. From its qualities and information, you will be able to know that differentiating element that makes you different.

The difference is in you, knowing how to apply it will be one of the key ingredients to give value and strength to your personal brand.

Some examples: the creation of ebooks, video tutorials, and a very top option: podcasts.

9. Use social media to boost your brand

We will not continue to insist on the importance of social networks to create, build and enhance your personal brand. Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and Facebook, are the main options that you have to know and know how to use,

Each social network has its own characteristics and marketing strategies, hence the importance of its optimal use to strengthen the personal brand.

For example, Facebook is the social network with the most users and is focused on communication between users and followers. It is ideal to use it to build audience loyalty. On the other hand, on Twitter, the message is smaller and more designed to offer information.

One of the keys for your personal brand to navigate smoothly on social networks is to correctly select the target audience. Well, on many occasions, the message is correct but the audience is not so.

10. Patience and quality, the keys to success

It won’t be the first time you’ve heard that the key to success is at work. For the development of a successful personal brand there is no other choice but to work on it every day.

Patience, perseverance and the quality of the content are basic ingredients to achieve reap the end of the road.

The personal brand lives on the audience and this must give them information, data, interaction … reasons to stay with your brand.

In addition to good content, you must have a routine of interactions on social networks and different platforms in order to give more visibility to your brand. All these types of actions must be organized and well-programmed in order to provide a coherent and meaningful balance.

Thanks for reaching the end of the article! We hope that you have been able to write down many ideas to know how to enhance and develop your personal brand. Remember that building a personal brand is a long-distance race in which the biggest obstacle is to give up and leave things by half.

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