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Having a personal brand or reputation is very important to keep a job, to find it or even for others to change their perception of you. The personal marketing is to forge an identity that is based on your skills, knowledge and projects to achieve differentiation .

What is personal branding?

It is the set of attitudes and strategies to be able to sell yourself to a company, a social group or to promote your services or products. That is, it is the process of creating, managing and communicating a brand or yourself. In English it is called personal branding.

Each of your actions projects an image of you. Therefore, each of the messages you transmit must be cared for and transmitted as a well-defined strategy to achieve its goal.

The importance of selling yourself


The personal brand is of great help during your professional career because it values ​​your skills and knowledge. If you are immersed in a selection process, your brand will make you stand out from your competition , who this time will be other candidates for the position. A good brand image will speed up the selection process. Sell ​​yourself as a professional.

What works is the perception that others have about you and you must send the messages carefully and correctly. Use the different channels that technology offers you and generate your own quality content. Work on your brand to define the image you want to convey and, the more it resembles reality, the better it will be for you.

Those professionals who have designed and known how to transmit a brand image have the possibility of accessing positions with better remuneration.

Personal marketing

Thanks to personal branding  you can have more opportunities, but it is also important to know that, if you are working independently or for a company, you must take care of your image and, above all, what others perceive of you. In all professions there are references that inspire others. If you also want to be a benchmark in your field, you need to work on your personal brand.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a worker , you need to take care of your image to obtain the approval of users and customers. 

Sure you worry about taking care of the products, but you are the first product of your company and you must take care of yourself as much as you take care of any other aspect of the production chain or the customers themselves. If you want a user to buy your company’s products, offer them confidence, security and actively listen to them . All these are characteristics that you must take care of every time they have noticed you. You must show them your professionalism so that they continue to trust you.

A company can close or the professional path change, but, if you are the person with the best image of a company , surely you are not short of very tempting proposals.

Sale of product or business

Competition in the labor market is very intense, so having a brand image will make a difference. When looking for a product, a service or a business to invest in, it is usually demanding, and the professionalism and image shown of a company, product or person is essential to know if it will meet all expectations.

The solidity, the treatment and the quality are just some of the essential elements to hire a professional. And this is predetermined by the image you project on the market.

How can you build your personal image?

The first thing you should know is that you work it or not, you have it. Therefore, if you follow some guidelines to enhance and improve it, you have a lot to gain.

To work on your image you have to tell the world what you stand out for, what you have used the last years of your life for, what you have trained in and why you are an expert and professional in something. What are you the best at?

Branding is a kind of resume

Talk and write about what you can do. That will let companies looking for talent know that you exist. You need to gain visibility and notoriety if you want to have new job opportunities.

Take advantage of your passion

You may not always like everything you study, but if you work on your brand you must highlight your best qualities in order to change your current job and work on what you are really passionate about.

Would you like to be your own boss?

Thanks to the creation of their own brand, many people create a community of followers that allows them to leave their traditional job and start their own business doing what they do best.

If you work on your personal brand you can achieve the success you seek, turn your life around and work on what you have always wanted. Do not forget that the blog is an excellent way to add value and create a community of followers. 

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